the man has often told me that as he’s been up and down the country. some of my fans have come up and asked after me. this is very kind and makes me feel that maybe theres a bit of life for the old bluesmonkey yet.

the thing is i’ve not been well and i’ve signed myself into a holistic plastic surgery and health farm in deepest scotland and when I make my return to that wonderful world of the business we call show I’ll look better feel better and will be able to concentrate on making the music that matters. the music that is to a man as is a mothers milk fresh from the teat to a baby. yes i mean the blues.

i’ll try and get a letter off to this blog once a month or so. to tell you how the cures going. and eventually give you all the lowdown on a hard drinking serious smoking mad bastard of a monkey on the road singing the blues.

maybe even tell you one or two choice tales from my life as a musician and the people i’ve met. i’ve seen it and done it all back in the day. one day i’d be lying there in bed with a bird (i slept with the window open and every morning a flock of bloody pigeons would be in my bedroom crapping everywhere!) when the phone would go and it be ozzy saying “get yer pants on, there’s a party at jimmy pages’ house and rod says if yer not there for the drinking contest between oliver reed, keef, mary hopkin him and yerself he’s going to piss on a photograph of you next time he’s on “top of the pops”. so off you go and the next thing is you wake up five days later in latvia with a woman who looks like your grandad. actually she looked like my grandad and he was one ugly monkey!

groove to the blues

peace and love


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