What are they doing now?

Sometimes it’s nice to catch up with folk who in some small way you have part of their story with (and they too have shared a part of yours of course). So here’s a quick round up of what some of those talented people are doing right now. They’ve all appeared on the Drystone stage when I was running it (or the Golden Years as I believe some are calling it).

First up the delightful and very beautiful Emma Gillespie otherwise known as



Emma has just released a new six track EP on her own label, which you can buy from musicglue or iTunes. The EP as well as how Emma has developed since since winning “Must Be The Music” a couple of years ago have been getting brilliant reviews and quite right too.

Here is “Pour It Out” from the EP


Sean goes from strength to strength and what can I say he’s only got one of the higher gods of music playing with him on his new single “London”, Danny Thompson no less. Here’s a taster of it.



Having successfully raised the funding (over ten grand in American folding green) for launching their new album via the Kickstarter website here is the title track.



OK Let’s clear things up first, Ric and his good lady Chezz were initially MR & MRS, who then became CHANGING HORSES. Chezz has now “semi retired” to become a full time Mum (harder work than showbiz but more fun some of the time) and Ric is ploughing a furrow as a solo artist here’s the highly entertaining demo of one of his new tracks.


Find out more here




Apart from being an accomplished singer songwriter, Sid is writing books and drawing cartoons and making a rather good fist it with all of them. A third book is due out (I think) next year check them out here.


Well that’s it for now, hope the links work. If not I’ll sort it out tomorrow and then get on with writing something for The Further Adventures of Asphyxius Markham and starting to put together my next podcast “NOT The Drystone Stage 2013” looking back at Stainsby Festival and ahead to Off The Tracks Summer Festival.

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