OK! I know it’s taking too long to get my full account of Solfest up. But there’s a lot to remember and I want to get it right. Plus now that I’ve recovered I have catch up with all the jobs I should have done last week and the garden needs doing. More importantley today I’m off to tell tales at a private party in Otterburn. The family gathering of an efestivals message board regular, Stashbox. So it’ll be delayed a little more. In the meantime, here’s a few pictures! Don’t forget I’ve also got a message board and rather Continue reading A FEW PICTURES FOR THE TIME BEING


Here it is, the first instalment. More will be added as I do it. If anyones been waiting for this, I’m sorry for the delay but I’ve been COMPLETELY KNACKERED! SOLFEST 2006 – THE EVENT, BACKSTAGE AND ALL THAT Well here we go. My own account of SOLFEST 2006, now that I’m just about recovered from the event that has, though it was so completely wonderful had left me feeling so dead of heart and soul, physically exhausted and not wanting to even look at anything related to Solfest and any other festival. But what a weekend it was, what Continue reading SOLFEST 2006 – THE EVENT


DIARY DATE 23rd of August 2006 1 DAY TO GO!!! Until… …THE SOLFEST OF LOVE! Well this really is it, the last one. Sheer practicality of having from tomorrow to stay onsite means I cannot get to a PC! Apart from Constable Robinson, of course who will be on his bike from Silloth for a quick check to see if we are all OK at about half past nine. I have really enjoyed doing this and I hope that anybody who has had enough time on their hands to waste it utterly on my thoughts has got a bit of Continue reading WELL, MAYBE ONE MORE BEFORE I GO.


DIARY DATE 22nd of August 2006 2 days to go. I actually managed the briefest of lie ins today. Only about fifteen minutes, but it wasn’t half nice. Karen had things to do about the town and we both had bits of the dreaded paperwork to do. All the stuff I had waiting since I’d done all that urgent and essential stuff. It’s now urgent and essential in its own right and I’ll be on with it again after I’ve posted this. This may also be my final blog entry before we start, as I don’t think I’ll be back Continue reading SIGNING OFF FOR NOW