NOT The Drystone Stage 2013

26 August 2013

Life has just been so bloody complicated recently. this has resulted in my having to put what should ideally be at least two blog posts into one. Hopefully the skill and quality of the writing will easily brush over any cracks that the hastiness of this verbal cobbling caused. First of all the podcast and it’s all important track listing. Derek Ashong and Soulfege – Another Day Stuart Forrester – Gitonyosse Biggles Wartime Band – And Then She Kicked Me Your Average Savages – Feeling Bad Blue Wallpaper Inc – Funky Patch Kelly – St James Infirmary Calum Read – Continue reading NOT The Drystone Stage 2013



Before I get down to the grimness I’ll put a full stop on the current  thread extoling the talent and success of Emma’s Imagination and it’s succinctly put. Following getting signed to Gary Barlow’s Future records her Album Standing Still is released on January 10th and a new single version of This Day is released on Monday January 3rd. Now for the hard bit. Here’s a blog that I never thought I would write. I’ve quit Solfest and my heart is heavier than it’s been for many along year but I don’t feel that I’ve been left with any other Continue reading FAREWELL TO SOLFEST


  SHE’S DONE IT! Emma has won the final of “MUST BE THE MUSIC” after winning a place in the final three acts, she won the phone vote boosted by huge audience support in the Wembley arena beating bands “Missing Andy” and “The Pictures”. Giving a beautiful performance while visibly fighting with nerves she won over everybody, including the judges who had been vocal in their support and belief in Emma from the start. Before the voting opened they said of Emma. Dizzee Rascal said “That was beautiful and I think you’re a star already” Jamie Cullem added “You are Continue reading SHE’S A WINNER


  First of all huge congratulations to EMMA GILLESPIE or as I should  correctly say EMMA’S IMAGINATION who has won through to the finals of “Must Be The Music” on Sky1 and will be singing live next Sunday at Wembley against the other finalist/s the group THE PICTURES. Biased as I am I am bound to say that Emma is hands down and head above shoulders in an overwhelming winning yoga position. Unbiased, I would still say that as her song “This Day” is a masterpiece and a winning song anyway. If you don’t believe me check out the i Continue reading THE IRRESISTIBLE RISE OF EMMA, AND SOLFEST2010


DRYSTONE ACTS PART TWO I BELIEVE IN FAERIES! I can finally announce what I’ve been keeping secret for all this time and it with great pleasure and excitement that I can confirm that this year on the Drystone will be the fantastic… PEATBOG FAERIES I don’t really have to say an awful lot about these guys as they have been regulars on the UK festival scene for years. They of course pretty much founded the Acid Croft genre of music and set countless imitators on their musical careers. With a live album out now and another studio album currently Continue reading I BELIEVE IN FAERIES!