OK, Here it is the first NUTS IN MAY SPECIAL podcast. Not every track on it is by someone appearing at the festival but I’ll tell you here who they are and in every subsequent podcast there will be more as they are announced. By the time the next one goes up the website for the festival will be fully up and running and not the “holding page” that you’ll see at present. Anyhow, here’s the running order for the current podcast… THE BOAT BAND – CUMBERLAND REEL THE POLYJESTERS – THOMAS BUILDER MISHAPED PEARLS – ODI EL AMO ACHISA Continue reading SQUIRRELKICKER



I was intending this blog to be just another teaser about  Nuts IN May (though it still will be that and more) but I can’t let last Saturday (October 1st) go by without writing some thing here. Sadly it saw the very last DRYSTONE SESSIONS at The Spinners Arms. The sessions started about eighteen months ago and for a time were run in tandem with WIZARDMARRAS SATURDAY NIGHT AT THE SPINNERS Open Mic nights. The idea was to give a paid gig to some of the up and coming acts that were coming through the Open Mics which would also Continue reading YOU SAY GOODBYE AND I’LL SAY HELLO


Just because I can’t resist and I can be a real tease sometimes and as Big Scott has asked me so very nicely. Here’s a first la’al taste. NUTS IN MAY will be Cumbria newest festival, small yet perfectly formed nestling in an idyllic location just outside Workington (yes, they can be found) where the elven folk dwell. The link above will take you to the website which although quiet and unassuming will soon grow into the locus of all wonders regarding NUTS IN MAY, a surprisingly economical festival. As soon as I have more to tell you I will, Continue reading SPOILERS!