Well as it’s high time I got this blog and my podcast updated I can’t have a better reason to do so than commemorate the 4th annual Spinners Arms sponsored cycle ride for Cancer Research and both the blog and the podcast are dedicated to this. As well as dedicating this and the podcast to all my fellow riders I must say a huge, Huge, HUGE HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who sponsored me. I raised £175 (I’m still waiting for £15 you know who you are!) and I’ve learned from a visit to the Spinners and this why a Continue reading FROM PEDALS TO PODCAST


Tales From The Stand Up Chameleon


Adventures in time, space and public houses. The multi dimensional adventures of Jib Longwilly and Swanky Morris, Jabberlique and Smiggleb Banjax, as they attempt to set things right in all dimensions. Along with other tales from the “Stand Up Chameleon” an Inn in the small town of Nexus that stands at the insection of all the worlds. The first chapter read by Wizardmarra with background music “Fantasia on a theme by Thomas Tallis” by Ralph Vaughan Williams. In which all worlds are created, and we meet some of our protagonists (The Young) Jib Longwilly, the yet to become an undead Morris Continue reading Tales From The Stand Up Chameleon



  First of all huge congratulations to EMMA GILLESPIE or as I should  correctly say EMMA’S IMAGINATION who has won through to the finals of “Must Be The Music” on Sky1 and will be singing live next Sunday at Wembley against the other finalist/s the group THE PICTURES. Biased as I am I am bound to say that Emma is hands down and head above shoulders in an overwhelming winning yoga position. Unbiased, I would still say that as her song “This Day” is a masterpiece and a winning song anyway. If you don’t believe me check out the i Continue reading THE IRRESISTIBLE RISE OF EMMA, AND SOLFEST2010



The ongoing tale of one mans life caught up in a “groundhog day” of festival preparation and execution… Read on… Well it’s that time of year again. So it’s time I wrote one of my accounts of how things are doing, who’s doing then and for a bit of spice, who’s doing it to whom. It’s odd though as I feel I’m watching the festival develop from afar, taking a back seat on the scary rollercoaster this year and yet still doing all the stuff I usually do. Although I have to say that I’m getting lot of help You Continue reading COMING AROUND AGAIN…




WIZARDMARRAS DRYSTONE WIRELESS SHOW 2010 NUMBER 1 Well, after a year of my podcast being offline it is such a good feeling to put one out there at last particularly so as its jam packed full of Drystone acts for this year’s forthcoming festival, with one exception and more about that in due course. I’m not actually going to say much about the tracks in this podcast as I’ll be talking more about some of them in later blog when they are officially announced as Drystone acts and some of the featured artists have already been mentioned in previous blogs. Continue reading BACK ONLINE WITH THE WIRELESS SHOW