The Grasmere Guzzler

The Wizardmarra's Wireless Show - Grasmere Guzzler Part 1

THE GRASMERE GUZZLER PART ONE TRACK LIST As usual a click onto the highlighted names will take you to the websites of the featured artistes, apologies for a missing title or two where this occurs it’s because there was no accompanying information with the CDs that I was most generously given. Wizardmarra – Angus’ Boogie Jack Broadbent – Unknown title but a damn fine piece of playing Rob Heron and The Teapad Orchestra – Rich Man Now Sad Eyed Puffins – Space Case Chuck Fish – Indian Joe Molly Warburton and The Shady Days – Unknown title Olivia Fern – Continue reading The Grasmere Guzzler


Jack The Lad!!!

I really need to big this chap up properly. Who? Jack Karl Badcock that’s who and he’s just made it into the finals of the prestigious BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician Of The Year Award. ttp://   You can also check out how he sounds on my podcasts All things must pass… Introducing Wizardmarras Wireless Show and OTT BLACK BARN SPECIAL On the podcasts he’s with his band Larsa, but his singing of “Bold Erin” on the first podcast listed above is simply beautiful. Like Stuart Forester he has a pure “folk” voice “a proper folk voice” according Continue reading Jack The Lad!!!

Totally OTT

Totally OTT - The Wizardmarra's Wireless Show - Se6 Ep6

Track List Sean Taylor – London Stuart Forester – Bramble Foot Hot Feet – Wood House MuHa – Let’s Talk About The Weather Strangeworld – Green Loch-Bouree De Aurora Sands Wizardmarra – Song Of The Ganges 5 Days Of November – Breaking In The Middle The Fallows – Cast The First Stone Two Man Ting – African Gospel The Po Boys – (couldn’t quite catch the title) Wizardmarra – Sailing In The Mellow Fruitfulness Of Autumn Some festivals need to keep a constant process of re invention on a yearly basis, most need to have regular change to keep things Continue reading Totally OTT


NOT The Drystone Stage 2013

26 August 2013

Life has just been so bloody complicated recently. this has resulted in my having to put what should ideally be at least two blog posts into one. Hopefully the skill and quality of the writing will easily brush over any cracks that the hastiness of this verbal cobbling caused. First of all the podcast and it’s all important track listing. Derek Ashong and Soulfege – Another Day Stuart Forrester – Gitonyosse Biggles Wartime Band – And Then She Kicked Me Your Average Savages – Feeling Bad Blue Wallpaper Inc – Funky Patch Kelly – St James Infirmary Calum Read – Continue reading NOT The Drystone Stage 2013


What are they doing now?


Sometimes it’s nice to catch up with folk who in some small way you have part of their story with (and they too have shared a part of yours of course). So here’s a quick round up of what some of those talented people are doing right now. They’ve all appeared on the Drystone stage when I was running it (or the Golden Years as I believe some are calling it). First up the delightful and very beautiful Emma Gillespie otherwise known as EMMA’S IMAGINATION Emma has just released a new six track EP on her own label, which you Continue reading What are they doing now?