This is what went on in the bus referred to by Gaz Coombes as “The Space Bus” at the back of the Drystone Stage. For you, a collection of DRYSTONE SETS. Jodi Watson & Ali Rigg TONGUE TIDE Paul Harrison The Casual Terrorist Laura James Fiona Clayton Three from The Wierdstring Band The Melodica, Melody and Me The Wizards Pot An archive of the life and rantings of The Wizardmarra. The Best Storyteller In The World. Related posts: THE UNDERTONES AT SOLFEST 2007 SOLFEST FM BUD and BLOSSOM Then suddenly sprout!


Right here it is Ladies and Gentlemen, the information you have been waiting for (well some of it anyway) oh before I get onto that if you are looking for podcast information it’s on the blog entry prior to this. SOLFEST 2009 TICKET PRICESAdult tickets: 85 pounds Child tickets (6 – 11yrs) 25 “ Young peoples tickets (12 – 16) 60 “ So there you have it, and believe me these prices are the product of THREE committee meetings that were long and hard. It was not an easy thing this year, but we have listened to what you have Continue reading FROM THE DESK OF THE VICE CHAIRMAN


Hi Everybody. Or to be precise anybody, anybody who chances upon the blog or has somehow found their way here by intent. Heres an announcement. A gentle word so you can say that we did tell you. As of yesterday evening 11th November 2008 Simon Kay stepped down as Chairman of Solfest after five years in the post. Simon has said from the start that he would do the job for five years and then review it. He did and said it was time move on. Should Simon wish to make further public comment it is entirely his business. Following Continue reading SOLFEST 2009