The Grasmere Guzzler

The Wizardmarra's Wireless Show - Grasmere Guzzler Part 1

THE GRASMERE GUZZLER PART ONE TRACK LIST As usual a click onto the highlighted names will take you to the websites of the featured artistes, apologies for a missing title or two where this occurs it’s because there was no accompanying information with the CDs that I was most generously given. Wizardmarra – Angus’ Boogie Jack Broadbent – Unknown title but a damn fine piece of playing Rob Heron and The Teapad Orchestra – Rich Man Now Sad Eyed Puffins – Space Case Chuck Fish – Indian Joe Molly Warburton and The Shady Days – Unknown title Olivia Fern – Continue reading The Grasmere Guzzler


…and another “What are they doing now?”


ROB HERON and the TEAPAD ORCHESTRA Rob is just going from strength to strength in the right direction, though his musical course has altered from someone whom a once described as a “Cumbrian Nick Drake”. Not that I’m complaining as the Western Swing, Gypsy Jazz, Hokum Blues, Ragtime, Cajun, and Roots-of-Country music Rob makes with The Teapad Orchestra is damn fine and can get you a struttin and a dancing with the best. You’ll probably get the chance too, as these guys are so hard working that they’ll be at a venue near you soon. The best have also had Continue reading …and another “What are they doing now?”

The Pint In The Sky, Stainsby Festival Taster


A taster of what’s to come at Stainsby Festival 2013 Jack Payne and Leslie Sarony – Mucking About In The Garden FOS Brothers – Tipping It Up To Nancy Merry Hell – Crooked Man Jack Hodges – Everything Is Fresh Today Wizardmarra – Periwig The Hut People Jiggery Pipery Elbow Jane – The Devils Hand Tim O’Connor – Following Swans Chas Ambler – My City Home First off apologies for the quality on one or two tracks they are YouTube conversions and not studio quality, though the music is good. I’ll not say much about the acts that will be Continue reading The Pint In The Sky, Stainsby Festival Taster



Yes, I know it’s been too long away again, but it’s never too late to do it and it’s slowly building up over the years so maybe when I’m dead and gone my great great great great grandson or daughter can read about me and my exploits, thoughts my hopes and fears for our future world and say to themselves “and I thought me dad was a Looney!” Three reasons for this missive Three reasons to break silence Three gifting’s to reveal The First is one of music, of giggling and singsong celebrating from machine to ears and inside for Continue reading OFF FESTIVALS AND FESTIVITIES AND CATCHING THE INTERNET IN A JAR.



OK, Here it is the first NUTS IN MAY SPECIAL podcast. Not every track on it is by someone appearing at the festival but I’ll tell you here who they are and in every subsequent podcast there will be more as they are announced. By the time the next one goes up the website for the festival will be fully up and running and not the “holding page” that you’ll see at present. Anyhow, here’s the running order for the current podcast… THE BOAT BAND – CUMBERLAND REEL THE POLYJESTERS – THOMAS BUILDER MISHAPED PEARLS – ODI EL AMO ACHISA Continue reading SQUIRRELKICKER