Yeah it’s going to be obvious when I’m out about this coming year. So I might as well let the cat out of the proverbial now. I’m going into another clinic! This time I’m happy to say is not to get myself dried out again. Though some would say it’s worse. I’m going to have a little nip and tuck done and get the kisser looking like the young and virile ape I once was. Well I still am a virile ape but I’m looking a bit on the shabby side and hopefully rack up a bit more luck on Continue reading GETTING WORK DONE


The following interview republished here has not seen the light of day for some time. But I thought it would be good to put it up here as it fills in some of the gaps and my memory of those heady days is not as good as it once was. though now I come to think about it I couldn’t remember them all that well at the time it actually happened. In case you’ve forgotten him Jack Daniels was a high profile DJ on Wonderful Radio Monica, a pirate ship anchored off the Scottish coast. Nice fella, I can’t remember Continue reading SLEEVE NOTES


For no other reason than it is reason enough itself I’ve given the blog a new look. It ties it in with the background of bluesmonkeys blog too. I liked what he’s done there (or to be precise what he got me to do for him) so i thought I’d nic it. I must give you fair warning if you have a look at his blog his language can sometimes be bit raw, he is an ape after all and although he’s great fun with the kids when he’s out and about. He’s through and through an old degenerate muso, Continue reading A CHANGE IS AS GOOD AS A REST


Yes I know, I’ve been away for too long. But let me tell you something The Harry Lauder Hospice for Tired Old Farts has been a bloody great trip, more importantly it got me clear of more crap than Keef Richards ever put his nose…More crap than Captain Nose Of The Nose People of Planet Nose…More even than Louis Walsh could ever pour festering into your brain cells by administering liquid doses of psycho quiffed Irish shitola twins. Yes, I’m talking Pot Noodles, Chip Shop Curry Sauce, Rocky Bars and lots and lots of cheese. Plus several bottles of Jack Continue reading OL’ DEAD EYES IS BACK


Apologies to my fans who have wondered what has happened to me for a while, the truth is I’ve been in a coma. Hopefully things will be up to speed in a bit. Now where’s that bottle of JD. No related posts.