DAY summet or other, mebbe 3

Monday 20th of August.

I actually got out of bed with a bit of enthusiasm today, that little breath of magic and joy that being onsite had brought to my heart has grown overnight. I can’t believe how good I feel, I feel happier and fuller of life than I have for months. There is REAL MAGIC

I endeavoured to finish my sign painting, but I had on umpteen occasions the necessity to go and do something else. I don’t wish to give the impression this was a complaint. Quite the other side of the coin, It was good “going on the rounds” each new point that needed attending getting sorted and then I went and checked that everybody else who was doing something for me was OK. It followed too that conversations ensued and so forth. But also deals were made, compromises agreed and the festival is literally shaped by what is said.

Like I was saying yesterday on how the Drystone Stage has changed again. In that change the Pyramid is no longer part of the stage and really has no function other than being a “green room” for the acts. I don’t have a problem with that. As an “act” myself it’s nice to be treated well by your employer and you give a good show to your public because of it. But artistically it doesn’t look right next to the new stage. But this year there will be a few traders down by the stage and its look will be very different. There will also be THE SMOKEHOLE SPEAKEASY a new late night session venue to play the stuff that doesn’t quite fit in Wals and Bills is something else again so if you want to get into the JAZZ and a few other things to intrigue you.

But the really lovely thing about today was that the sun came out, and it came out in style, bright and warm and wonderful and it’s HERE TO STAY.

So painting my signs, including now two chalkboards to announce the acts on the Drystone, in the sunlight has been a pleasant thing. Watching the wall go up was good too. So the Drystone Stage is once more resplendent with a wall built by Eddie Allen and Dave Corrie. Jamie’s crew (who have been the guys putting it all together this year (who’s names shall be checked tomorrow)) have worked damn hard putting it up. They have dealt with my grumblings and adapted the backstage to work as a practical music venue and to function well.

That’s it for today. I must be brief, for I have to write a copious book of notes for my Personal Assistants and Stage managers. It’s half past one…

…and we have a site meeting at 8:00 am


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