Just because I can’t resist and I can be a real tease sometimes and as Big Scott has asked me so very nicely. Here’s a first la’al taste.

NUTS IN MAY will be Cumbria newest festival, small yet perfectly formed nestling in an idyllic location just outside Workington (yes, they can be found) where the elven folk dwell.

The link above will take you to the website which although quiet and unassuming will soon grow into the locus of all wonders regarding NUTS IN MAY, a surprisingly economical festival.

As soon as I have more to tell you I will, but we are still at the stage where the proto festival still has rough edges to be smoothed, legal hoops to dive through and several more pints to be drunk.

One last thing for now…

…I can confirm that the awesomeness that is


will be appearing on


I just have to tell the rest of the band!

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