Emma has won the final of “MUST BE THE MUSIC” after winning a place in the final three acts, she won the phone vote boosted by huge audience support in the Wembley arena beating bands “Missing Andy” and “The Pictures”.

Giving a beautiful performance while visibly fighting with nerves she won over everybody, including the judges who had been vocal in their support and belief in Emma from the start.

Before the voting opened they said of Emma.

Dizzee Rascal said “That was beautiful and I think you’re a star already” Jamie Cullem added “You are the most complete artist we have here at the moment – a winner!” and Sharleen Spiteri said “God I love you and your experience really showed the amount of time you have spent practising.”

Here’s how she did it.

Song copywrite Emma Gillespie other stuff Sky

This is even better, it’s Emma recording “This Day” for the downloadable version.

This Day, copywrite Emma Gillespie

I’ve actually got video of this track of when she sang it the very first time (the day after she wrote it ) at The Spinners Arms. But I’m waiting for her to give me permission to use it before I post it on YouTube.

Anyway I’ll close now as I’m knackered but in closing I just have to say




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