DIARY DATE 20th of August 2006

4 days to go.

After sleeping early and sleeping soundly through the night, I woke feeling just as bad as I had when I went to bed. Like I was about sink into that miserable place that’s black and horrible.
Karen did her best to rouse me from its unpleasantness, but to no avail. So, she left me to get onsite. The weather was great and she was keen to get down and get stuck in.

She’d delivered on my behalf a stack of beer for those stalwarts onsite last night (they deserved it) and had relayed all their messages of care and support (I have the best bunch of friends a man could ever have, we all have our failings and foibles and we still love each other without qualification) and I knew I was excused any onsite work until I’d had a bit of a break and got my head sorted out. So I stayed home, trying to concentrate on the last bits and pieces of paperwork but I just couldn’t focus.

So, I went to bed.

And lay there for half an hour or so, not able to switch off and from somewhere inside a voice said…
“…There is far too much to be done, you can’t afford the luxury of this it’s unproductive. SNAP OUT OF IT!”
I am not sure how I did it, but I took a deep breath and did.

I snapped out of it, one minute doom the next walking down to the site with a spring in my heels I needed to get down there, check out what’s been done today and work on my plan of action for tomorrow.

I’d done about about two and a half to three miles when who should I see but a gobsmacked Karen approaching, and after picking me up she took me onsite and I saw my stage.

For all I have said about compromises and loss of my original ideas when I looked upon my stage and pyramid all but finished save the windows I was to make, the “decoration”, and of
Course the wall itself. I must be honest, tears fell. Tears of joy, for my stage is a thing of beauty and I don’t care if anyone thinks its not as good as last year or anything. I think it is wonderful. The idea Alwyn had to resolve the issue that caused all the problems yesterday had solved them, importantly he had done it elegantly. I am very proud of that venue, and thanks to everyone that has and continues to help with it.

Owen was also making good progress with his yurt with the assistance of Danny and Adam, elsewhere the workshop tent was up, the framework of the bar stage and dance tent stage (I think, but I didn’t go and check) all ready.

We went on a food run, it was the least we could do for John the work that man has done and returned after a wait for pizza that suggested they actually flew them in from Italy and dined in style. John then showed us the wood he’d got for benches around the site, you’ll like them.

And you’ll like my stage!

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