Jack The Lad!!!

I really need to big this chap up properly. Who? Jack Karl Badcock that’s who and he’s just made it into the finals of the prestigious BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician Of The Year Award.




You can also check out how he sounds on my podcasts

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On the podcasts he’s with his band Larsa, but his singing of “Bold Erin” on the first podcast listed above is simply beautiful. Like Stuart Forester he has a pure “folk” voice “a proper folk voice” according to my good friend Tim. He’s part of the rise of “old skool” folk that’s growing in the broad church that is folk music today and I remember talking to him at Off The Tracks and saying had he considered entering the BBCs Young Folk Musician contest, meaning the Radio 2 one. But he was setting his sights even then on the Radio Scotland prize and needed no prompting from me.

I really want him to do well, it would be well deserved. Not that the other finalists don’t, I’m sure they all have the same love and dedication to the music. But to hear Jack sing live is to hear a passion for the song and the singing of it that’s rare and his voice is sweet on the ear.

It’s especially good in that I know his Mum, Kate  and his Granddad, Julian. Julian gave me my first ever paid gig at Wheaton Aston Festival and Kate performed on the Drystone Stage at Solfest with her band Ylem.

Huge congratulations Jack on your achievement and the best of luck for the finals, decided at Celtic Connections in February.

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