“Hooky” – New Album by This Frontier Needs Heroes — Kickstarter

this-frontier-needs-heroes-kickstarter Kickstarter – “Hooky” – New Album by This Frontier Needs Heroes.

We recorded our third album at Loveland Recording in Philly on 2″ tape with a full band and are raising money for its distribution.

They are raising $10,000 on kickstarter to self release their new album Hooky.  Operating as an independent record label they will be using the money to:

  • Make CDs / Vinyl / Cassettes / T-shirts / Tote Bags / Buttons + Stickers
  • Hire a Publicist to promote the album and do a radio campaign
  • Book a US / European tour + beyond!
  • Hire Artists to Make Album Artwork / Press Photos / Music Videos

About Alan Whittaker

A storyteller like no other. Weaving traditional storytelling with madcap posing and stand up comedy riffing. Taking the listener from here to there and back again at break neck speed; with panache and a fine sense of the ridiculous.For more information about Alan, read his biography.

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