Yeah it’s going to be obvious when I’m out about this coming year. So I might as well let the cat out of the proverbial now.

I’m going into another clinic! This time I’m happy to say is not to get myself dried out again. Though some would say it’s worse. I’m going to have a little nip and tuck done and get the kisser looking like the young and virile ape I once was.


Well I still am a virile ape but I’m looking a bit on the shabby side and hopefully rack up a bit more luck on the lady ape side of things. As my legendary pulling power has not been the what it was in ages past and to some it would appear that my sex life is not just legendary but bloody mythical.

The surgeons have said it’ll all be fine but given my childhood where I was at the mercy of men in white coats, I am more than a little apprehensive.

A few fotygraffs

But what can I say, It’s been a great year 2012 and after a little rest and relaxation with plenty of Dr Jack D, Dr Johnnie W and Nurse Tequila it will be fine and I’ll be back on the road and giving it large.

Highlights of 2012 have to be giving Dave Swarbrick a private show, dueting with Will Pound (the best harp player in the land) and the Mystery Singer at Stainsby.

Here’s a vid featuring that very man.

See you soon…

…when the bandages come off.

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