Right here it is Ladies and Gentlemen, the information you have been waiting for (well some of it anyway) oh before I get onto that if you are looking for podcast information it’s on the blog entry prior to this.


Adult tickets: 85 pounds

Child tickets (6 – 11yrs) 25 “

Young peoples tickets (12 – 16) 60 “

So there you have it, and believe me these prices are the product of THREE committee meetings that were long and hard. It was not an easy thing this year, but we have listened to what you have said about our pricing last year and that is why we now have the new ticket bracket for young people of 60 pounds, yes we have put up the adult and child tickets as well but this has been off set by the reduction for in young peoples tickets.

But look NO CAR PARKING CHARGE we realize that this was a very unpopular decision last year so we’ve ditched it. We are now one of the increasingly few festivals not to charge for cars and even with the five pound increase on adult tickets our prices are very competitive to just about every other comparable festival. We did try to see if we could keep it at eighty quid but with all our “overheads” costing us more this year we just couldn’t and still make the festival viable this year

In a year when it’s going to be hard on everybody with the “Credit Crunch” we are trying to make Solfest as accessible as we can. We have also reduced the numbers that we shall be putting on sale to try and get back to the more intimate Solfest that so many of you have said you missed. This year only 6.500 adult tickets and 750 of both the child and young peoples tickets will be on sale.

This won’t be easy for us, we will have to tighten our belts while still trying to put on the quality event that has won us so much praise and loyalty from you our supporters.

Here’s something else that should cheer you up, NO TIXMOB. We will again be selling all tickets through a locally based outlet. The arrangement has not yet been finalized so I can’t say who it is just yet nor when the tickets will be on sale, though we may be selling them earlier in the year than we have in previous years. Once we have got Christmas and New Year over with and we get stuck into business then I will let you know, it will of course be on the Solfest website too.

I can promise you too that we should have a superb display of site art for Solfest 2009, the much loved and iconic emblem of Solfest “The Steel Wizard” will be back as we have bought this from Abbott though sad to say I fear the “Wicker Women” have now seen better days and it is doubtful that they will be back. We have already booked some of the bands (and no I’m not telling you yet but I know that one will please an awful lot of you as you have asked for them).

Other more mundane things to consider, last Solfest you don’t need me to tell you that the traffic problems for you getting on site were a nightmare. Although it has to be said that when you get a mass of people turning up in cars for an event (whatever it may be) it is inevitable that you will have a traffic queue, we will however be working really hard to minimize this and get you onsite as quickly and efficiently as we can so you can get your tents up and getting down to the serious business of enjoying the festival. We will also try and ensure that all of the camping fields are well lit and have adequate toilet facilities. This was a virtually impossible task this year as we had to hire three extra fields on the Friday and we just couldn’t get the infrastructure in place to fulfill these needs.

In closing for now. I hope that all of the above meets with your approval and as the New Year rolls out you’ll find that we will have some fantastic acts lined up (I’m really excited about The Drystone, though I have set myself a hard act to follow on from the last one, where I felt I had the strongest line up I’ve ever had.)

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