So anyhow it worked! So I will announce on this blog and on my message board when I’m going to do another. It will be soon and just as much fun as Catlerigg. The Wizards Pot An archive of the life and rantings of The Wizardmarra. The Best Storyteller In The World. Related posts: GUERILA STORYTELLING O:1 A FEW PICTURES FOR THE TIME BEING THE EIGHTY YEAR OLD MAN THE UNDERTONES AT SOLFEST 2007


GUERILA STORYTELLING I’d done a couple of comparing gigs recently; for Spud at Whitehaven and of course for “WHY?Z UP” a gig I’d set up for Abbott “Unjustly taxed by the Sheriffs men!” (For the full story ) The thing was, though this was LOT OF FUN. I ended up frustrated. No matter how much time I have between bands, it’s never enough to properly tell a story, to set off a flow of nonsense and to really get in the zone. Which is why I do it anyway. So I thought as I’ve a week or two Continue reading GUERILA STORYTELLING O:1