Here we go WIZARDMARRAS DRYSTONE WIRELESS SHOW 3 THE ONE WITH THE BIG ROCK Unfortunately problems with my microphone mean that this podcast is without me doing any pretend DJ bits introducing the tracks. But in the great scheme of things that is no great loss to humanity, what is important are the brilliant musicians represented and their work is brought to a little larger audience. Check them out it’ll be time well spent. The first piece of music doesn’t count though, well as it’s my podcast it opens with one of mine. This one is called “Tantric Dancing” and Continue reading THE ONE WITH THE BIG ROCK


THE BIG NUMBER TWO (Podcast that is)


A huge apology first for this current podcast being delayed an enforced temporary loss of my internet has been a problem in so many ways. So apart from the title (which will mean nothing to listeners outside the UK) whats big about this the second installments of Wizardmarras Drystone Wireless Show? Well first off I’ve got to say it has an exclusive track from the ever popular stars of the Drystone for two years running THE 3 DAFT MONKEYS. The track “Paranoid Big Brotherr” is from their brand new album “Social Vertigo” and I could have played anything from it Continue reading THE BIG NUMBER TWO (Podcast that is)




Well here I am back blogging again after too long an absence with every good intention of getting it done once more on a regular basis. To start it of here are a few details of the very first ever WIZARDMARRAS DRYSTONE WIRELESS SHOW my new podcast in which I’m featuring acts from the past three years of the DRYSTONE STAGE at Solfest and those who will be appearing on it this year. I’ll also be putting some tracks up from artists who have submitted for a slot on the stage but for whatever reason haven’t made it. I can Continue reading WIZARDMARRAS DRYSTONE WIRELESS SHOW