As I’ve been lazing around a bit in the peaceful backwater that is post Solfest (along with trying to get all the wedding preparations done with Karen…The day is ten days tomorrow) I’ve been watching some of the stuff I’ve recording on my BT box that I couldn’t watch as I was too busy with other things. One thing was the documentary on the late Harry Patch who was until his recent death the last surviving participant in World War One, now there are none left. A most moving programme, again saying to me how important it is to keep Continue reading DEEP THOUGHTS


So I’ve not put anything up here for a while. It’s very remiss of me I know. My head hangs in shame as I write, I’d got out of the habit. Daunted by the amount of stuff I need to write about. My journey to America, the birth of my first Grandchild, Solfest 2007 and so much, well to be honest loads of Tommy Rot. (Incidentally he is one of the principal Villains in my conceptual comic book “THE UNFEASABLE LEAGUE” Where I often think of the exploits of those stirling Super Heroes“Caveman Jones”, “Owd Gadgie” “Apathetic Lad” and others Continue reading BACK WITH ADDED BAND NAMES


LEAH PATTINSON Born July 15th 2007 9lbs 13oz One beautiful, wonderful Grand daughter. The Wizards Pot An archive of the life and rantings of The Wizardmarra. The Best Storyteller In The World. Related posts: BIRTHDAYS GALORE!!! THE LIGHT OF MY LIFE. THE BEAT AT SOLFEST 2007 THIS IS ALL OF IT NOW


HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALISON! You areSOLFESTS MUMand we love you.Have the most brilliant and wonderful of days! and also over this weekend La’al Dan &Tilly. THE SOLFEST BABIES When Solfests 19 I’ll buy you both a drink. The Wizards Pot An archive of the life and rantings of The Wizardmarra. The Best Storyteller In The World. Related posts: A BEAUTIFUL GRAND-DAUGHTER DRUNK!!! SOLFEST 2007 – THE TRAILER WIZARDMARRAS DRYSTONE WIRELESS SHOW 5


DIARY DATE 16th of August 2006 8 days to go. After a night where I just could not sleep mostly reading Pete McCarthy’s excellent McCarthy’s Bar and an amusing interlude where Karen suddenly shouted “MAM!” in her sleep the day dawned promising to be warm and sunny. So, I promptly fell asleep and woke again at about ten. The coffee did its trick and after saying goodbye to Karen, I was up and down the ladder on the pyramid like a budgie on amphetamine-laced millet. The result being the pyramid now has a golden crown. But goodness me the ground Continue reading A COASTLINE IN THE SKY