For no other reason than it is reason enough itself I’ve given the blog a new look. It ties it in with the background of bluesmonkeys blog too. I liked what he’s done there (or to be precise what he got me to do for him) so i thought I’d nic it. I must give you fair warning if you have a look at his blog his language can sometimes be bit raw, he is an ape after all and although he’s great fun with the kids when he’s out and about. He’s through and through an old degenerate muso, Continue reading A CHANGE IS AS GOOD AS A REST



Well as it’s high time I got this blog and my podcast updated I can’t have a better reason to do so than commemorate the 4th annual Spinners Arms sponsored cycle ride for Cancer Research and both the blog and the podcast are dedicated to this. As well as dedicating this and the podcast to all my fellow riders I must say a huge, Huge, HUGE HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who sponsored me. I raised £175 (I’m still waiting for £15 you know who you are!) and I’ve learned from a visit to the Spinners and this why a Continue reading FROM PEDALS TO PODCAST



Before I get down to the grimness I’ll put a full stop on the current  thread extoling the talent and success of Emma’s Imagination and it’s succinctly put. Following getting signed to Gary Barlow’s Future records her Album Standing Still is released on January 10th and a new single version of This Day is released on Monday January 3rd. Now for the hard bit. Here’s a blog that I never thought I would write. I’ve quit Solfest and my heart is heavier than it’s been for many along year but I don’t feel that I’ve been left with any other Continue reading FAREWELL TO SOLFEST


Well. I’ll not say a word about the kerfuffle my last post caused. But least said soonest mended. But my main purpose on writing this is actually two fold, and neither related in any way to a musical gathering I am honoured to serve, Firstly. I have been invited by BBC Radio Cumbria to take part in Little Cumbria. A five day online diary, so this blog and that broadcast will become somewhat merged over the next few days as I write the radio script. Secondly to pass on word of this guy MYSTERY GUITAR MAN http://youtu.be/CqR7blzolZo I’ll just say Continue reading AUNTIES CALLING AND MGM


My GOD! It’s 2010 already and it’s been about six months since I’ve been comprehensively online apart from the odd day in the library and at two quid for an hour they were few and far between. So what’s new Al? Well the biggest and most important thing is of course that I am now married to the most wonderful lady in the world my darling Karen and I can thoroughly recommend married life. The wedding day itself was perfect and I have to put on record here a great big word of thanks to my best man BIG JOHN Continue reading ANOTHER NEW YEAR