So I’ve not put anything up here for a while. It’s very remiss of me I know. My head hangs in shame as I write, I’d got out of the habit. Daunted by the amount of stuff I need to write about.

My journey to America, the birth of my first Grandchild, Solfest 2007 and so much, well to be honest loads of Tommy Rot.

(Incidentally he is one of the principal Villains in my conceptual comic book “THE UNFEASABLE LEAGUE” Where I often think of the exploits of those stirling Super Heroes
“Caveman Jones”, “Owd Gadgie” “Apathetic Lad” and others against such fiends as “The Chillblain” and “Mr Cat”)

But enough of that, on to the meat of what I wanted to put down here and break the silence on this blog.

Some friends of mine, both in reality and the strange and sometimes faux friendship of “myspace” have, using the offices of that aforementioned networking site put out the call for suggestions for a new “band name”

The initial part of what follows is my reply to them.

They are

Well worth checking out as they make great music.

“Hello you lovely people,

try these for size a mixture of surreal, daft and possibly (some) serious. Then again I have had nip of Grinnyweed (there’s one there too)




“BODRAHN BODRAHN” (to rhyme with Duran Duran, you could also cover “Wild Boys” and “The Reflex” AND work in a crafty version of “The Pink Panther”)

You could also try this method, you walk into any shop, completely at Random (or any other Kentish village) with eyes closed and the first thing you see when you open your eyes is the name of the band.

Thus, the band is

“Unspeakably Good Kiwi Fruit.”

“Puncture Kit”

“Tasty Pies” or one of a thousand other names.

At that point I realised I had to cease and desist inflicting this nonsense on my friends when I had a whole planet to annoy with it via this blog.

This is the second band in the past two months who are having difficulties thinking of a new name.

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