About Alan Whittaker

A storyteller like no other. Weaving traditional storytelling with madcap posing and stand up comedy riffing. Taking the listener from here to there and back again at break neck speed; with panache and a fine sense of the ridiculous.For more information about Alan, read his biography.

Where it all began for me


WIZARDMARRAS WIRELESS SHOW KING REAL AND THE HOODLUMS 30TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL Intro – Marcel Steiner King Real Chant – Pete Moser & Cast Orchestre DC Dansette – Dancing Royal Property – Julie Clark & Marcel Steiner Blind As A Blizzard – Julie Lloyd Kafusalem/Smiffys Glass Eye – WSI/Dan Fox Dos Bauls – Aramenco Maximum Security Girls – Julie Lloyd/David Marcus/Alan Whittaker & Tom Lawrence Gaz Bridgens – The Bones Of Lady Thatcher Nothing – Tom Lawrence Camel March – WSI Bedlam Boys – Julie Clark & Cast Vision 2 – Kevin Wilkins Fire Music – Pez? Winster Gallop – WSI Continue reading Where it all began for me


Croydon bedamned!


This whole thing about Croydon has got my dander up! In as OCD manner as I could possibly muster I did a Google Earth on these lakes as I was in a mood to get seriously medieval on their sorry asses. article in the gutter press here As Wizardmarra, holder of the ancient title passed as a sacred gift down the misted forests and endless hotel corridors of time from one to another since the days that King Coel himself called for his pipe, his bowl and his Fiddlers Three. The Original Wizardmarra was the warm up act. I uphold Continue reading Croydon bedamned!

Asphyxius Markham Meets The Whistler


Outside it was dark, dark as a Thrumbling nail on the back of a Billymans helmet. Even looking through the mullioned window at the stygian depths beyond into the streets of Old London, there was a sense that something was lurking. Skulking about on some filthy scheme to wreak havoc on the popuponcery and dulgions of this world, too ready they to fall for some fesskookled pranjing jib jab or follymore hell bent on some vile besom felching episode. Taking my trusty pistol and beseervering stick I set forth to ascertain who or what was the cause of this unease. Continue reading Asphyxius Markham Meets The Whistler

All things must pass… Introducing Wizardmarras Wireless Show


I decided it was time for a small change and so the podcast is no longer Wizardmarras Drystone Wireless Show merely Wizardmarras Wireless Show. I thought it was high time I ditched the Drystone altogether, no use hanging on to past glories that no longer have any relevance to the here and now. This also marks the first podcast episode and the first blog that can be accessed directly from wizardmarra.com, they’ll still be available from podmatic and blogger for the time being but in a month or two when any bugs that may surface have been ironed by my Continue reading All things must pass… Introducing Wizardmarras Wireless Show


“MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC” (“Wibbling Rivalry” The Gallagher brothers


  This started out as a reply to a post on Facebook by Lord Proud of High Harrington on the demise of HMV announced to the world on January 15… …I’ve (loong long ago) worked in both a small independent record shop in Bowness and also managed a second hand record shop in Barrow and I have to say big chains like HMV didn’t do businesses like that any good. So it’s perhaps a case of what goes around comes around. It would be nice to see a return of the smaller retailer (along with the rest of the high-street?) Continue reading “MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC” (“Wibbling Rivalry” The Gallagher brothers