Well. I’ll not say a word about the kerfuffle my last post caused. But least said soonest mended.

But my main purpose on writing this is actually two fold, and neither related in any way to a musical gathering I am honoured to serve,

Firstly. I have been invited by BBC Radio Cumbria to take part in Little Cumbria.

A five day online diary, so this blog and that broadcast will become somewhat merged over the next few days as I write the radio script.

Secondly to pass on word of this guy


I’ll just say that this guy may possibly be the first true internet artistic genius. His use of the you tube format is using the full potential of the medium, taking it beyond cell phone fart gags, comical accidents and the sheer putrid kak that is the Reality TV generation.

He takes it far above all that and beautifully too.

Even better. He’s really really funny too.
These videos are probably better displayed if you view the blog through my website.

This is probably the best place to start discovering the labyrynth of wonder that is MYSTERY GUITAR MAN.

While this is just a thing of genius.

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